Astabridge Undertake Office Refurbishment

Astabridge Corby drawing office

Astabridge are proud to unveil a re-fit of their Corby offices using a co-ordinated fusion of back-painted glass, edge-lacquered plywood, bright white plastic laminates and tinted and lacquered wood grain doors. Each work station is backed with fabric covered pin boards that complete the colour scheme. The outcome is a comfortable yet eminently functional work environment.

In line with Astabridge’s commitment to green construction the timber framing is constructed in laminated plywood that is certified as forest friendly by the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council).The key areas of the office are delineated by means of raised acrylic letters with overhead illumination to create an interesting halo effect.

Managing Director Steve McGee is delighted with the outcome:

We didn’t want anything which could be described as ordinary but, at the same time, it had to be functional and not frivolous. It also adheres to our own principles of environmentally friendly construction and increased product lifetime.

The re-fit utilises Astabridge’s key in-house joinery, glass-working and spraying skills which can be applied across a wide range of retail, commercial and public sector environments.


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