About us

Design, Development & Prototyping

Making sure we meet the clients brief

Design development is about adhering as closely to the client’s brief as the available materials and processes will allow.

The input required will depend on the complexity of your project and the level of information supplied.


A vital function of the development process is assessing the feasibility of your proposal. Astabridge balance your objectives considering form, function, aesthetics, expected longevity and health and safety considerations within your available budget.


Visitors are actively encouraged to view their fixtures during manufacture. In this way you can be sure that your finished product is exactly as you imagined. Astabridge control most of the manufacturing operations in house and there is often a final opportunity to make minor changes to the scheme.


From the vast array of colours, textures and patterns available, Astabridge can advise on the most suitable choice of materials. It’s about providing fixtures that are durable and functional as well as being visually appealing.

Retrospective Design

Design is a continuous process. Lessons will be learned from using your display fixtures and furniture. Astabridge will consult with you to adopt and implement changes as the two parties learn and grow together.


Attention to detail is vital. Working drawings allow stakeholders to review the design and establish whether key components will fit within the overall scheme. Drawings changes can be made quickly and re-submitted for final approval.


Prototypes are important. They allow you to assess part or all of a design concept before committing to full production. Prototypes can be built using a variety of techniques depending on the requirements of the project and available budget.

They can range from a simple MDF replica that explores size and shape through to a fully finished presentation prototype. Production of a prototype will help you to make reasoned judgements before committing to a full roll-out of fixtures. This de-risks the buying process.