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Display Manufacturing

Astabridge has been involved in display manufacturing for over twenty years. Some of their competitors outsource all or part of their production, but they have always tried to keep it in-house. They are well aware of the benefits to be gained from this approach.


Clients in a fast-paced design led industry need suppliers who can adapt and respond quickly. Even well-organised store planners will sometimes need “rabbits to be pulled from hats”.  A prime source manufacturer is more able to access stock and find the resources to meet tight deadlines. Things can go wrong. However, at Astabridge, even a broken piece of sprayed glass need not be a problem when you have in-house glass working and spraying. To plan for such outcomes is much harder when you rely on others.


It is easier to manage quality when all the production processes happen at the same site. Panels and fittings can be tested for accuracy. Glass cladding panels can be checked against a timber carcass and changed as required before toughening. During the quality process project managers have full access to the fixtures throughout the display manufacturing cycle. They can inspect them and resolve issues much earlier than if they were being built by an outside supplier. Clients can then be happy that finished displays will show their products and brand image in their best light. When display fittings are made in-house by regular operatives, the product looks and feels the same every time. This is very important to savvy retail brand managers.


It’s about building confidence. Clients can visit to view and tweak a prototype or see their new display fittings in production. This endorses their buying decision. It also affirms that they have a competent supplier as a business partner.

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