Environmental Benefits From Biomass Boiler System

Biomass Boiler System

The management team at Astabridge have long been keen to adopt more environmentally friendly solutions. They have now reaped the environmental benefits of installing a modern hot water boiler. The cutting-edge biomass heating equipment was recently installed by Wood Waste Technology. The new system now provides warm air and hot water for their Corby factory and head office. In addition, the system offers enhanced dust extraction for a cleaner work environment.

Environmental Benefits

It is clearly a more carbon friendly manufacturing solution. Biomass energy uses organic material as an energy source. It is a renewable energy source and carbon neutral. Trees harvested as biomass are replanted as quickly as the wood is burned. As the new trees take up the carbon produced by the combustion, the carbon cycle remains in balance. When fossil fuels are burned the carbon dioxide emissions are not replaced. Therefore replacing fossil fuels with biomass will lead to reduced carbon emissions.

For Astabridge the equation is even better. All of the biomass fuel is the result of wood waste. This is typically produced from the manufacture of new fixtures and recycling of old units returned from site. Previously all of this waste material would have been sent to landfill. Converting waste to energy is a key factor in reducing landfill.

Cost Advantages

As well as the environmental benefits there are clear cost savings to be derived from a biomass boiler. Astabridge will now have to hire fewer skips to dispose of wood waste. Their energy bills for heating the factory in the winter months will also be vastly reduced. Above all, the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) offers financial incentives to companies who invest in new biomass technology. Companies like Astabridge are coming to terms with the benefits of “going green” on image, reputation and ultimately bottom line profits.

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