Bespoke Joinery

Specialist woodworking machinery to support manufacturing.

MDF and sheet materials are the building blocks for most retail furniture and fittings. They can be machined into complex shapes and finished with a wide range of laminated or sprayed finishes or clad with metal or glass panels.

We utilise a range of specialist woodworking machinery to support manufacturing.

Beam Saws

A beam saw is effectively a panel saw, but on a bigger scale. It is used for the optimised cutting of sheet materials such as MDF and plywood. Large quantities of panels can be cut quickly and precisely and with the minimum of waste. Astabridge have two beam saws that allow them flexibility according to clients’ seasonal variances in demand.

CNC Machining Centres

Once the panels have been cut to size, one of two CNC machining centres will be used to drill or router a series of holes, slots, channels and cut-outs or produce complex shapes. The ability to machine within a fraction of a millimetre means that there are no ill-fitting components and bulk parts are exactly the same size and shape every time. CNC machining is far more cost-effective than the manual production of jigs and templates. A customer’s design changes can be implemented quickly and easily and at a fraction of the cost of manually producing jigs and templates. CNC machining offers high-quality repeat production with flexibility for small quantities.

Edge Banders

An edge bander bonds a range of PVC, laminate or hardwood edgings to the substrate with hot melt adhesives.The top and bottom and bottom of the edging are trimmed flush and the edge buffed. The process is quicker than a hand finished alternative and produces a consistent high-quality finish.