Glass Working

When the pressure is on Astabridge can react quickly because of their in-house glass-working facility. By processing our own glass we can offer you the best in quality glass work.

Clean crisp polished edges and neat accurate mitred joints are the hallmarks of Astabridge’s glass processing expertise.


Sharp back-lit sandblasted logos and complex patterned designs are also features of Astabridge’s versatile glass production. A diversity of patterns, designs, and corporate brand options are available to increase the visual impact of your displays.

Glass Bonding

Transparent materials are the perfect medium for high-end retail brands. Customers should focus on products rather than bulky display fixtures. Using low iron glass and specialist adhesives the green tint in standard glass can be eliminated in minimalist bonded glass structures.

Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass cladding panels offer a stunning, durable and cutting-edge alternative to traditional gloss laminates and buffed paint finishes. Low iron glass with polished edges is used to ensure maximum clarity, close colour matching, and reflectivity. Clients can benefit from an impressive depth of finish and an unlimited choice of colours.