The Environment

Astabridge understands the considerable benefits to be derived from adopting a robust and well managed environmental policy. It is an integral part of their business strategy. They encourage customers and suppliers to follow their lead. Not only does it make sound commercial sense for all, but it also delivers on their duty of care towards future generations.

Recycling and Re-Use

To negate the harmful effects of landfill Astabridge routinely recycle glass, metal, cardboard, paint and electrical components. Clients will often be encouraged to consider the refurbishment of existing fixtures to benefit from shorter lead-times and cost savings.


Careful consideration is given to the most ergonomic choice of transport. Due consideration is given to the size and weight of the load, speed limits and anticipated traffic conditions. Proper planning can reduce carbon emissions and reduce costs.

Material Optimisation

Astabridge uses optimisation software to minimise waste, maximising the use of sheet materials and eliminating human error. As well as the environmental benefits of this approach, the customer’s costs are reduced.

Product Life Cycle

The correct choice of materials combined with thoughtful design can have a significant environmental impact. Product durability and lifespan can be enhanced and clients can benefit from reduced annual costs. By considering design and advising on material selection early in the design process Astabridge can significantly reduce the environmental impact of display products, resulting in financial benefits for stakeholders.

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